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Another piss-poor attempt

As far as card games are concerned, I used to be pretty good at them. And, until recently, this was still the case.

Alas, no more it seems.

I’m just back from Callum’s place in the backwaters of Lenzie and I’ve just suffered two more pathetic losses.

It didn’t help that during the second game, one in which I was doing reasonably well for a while, he pulls out the following card combination: Cthulhu and Sniper Rifle. Cthulhu is bad enough (a skill of 10 and invulnerability) but adding a sniper rifle (choose and wound a character with lower skill) was just mean.

And for those who don’t know, almost all characters in the game have a lower skill than Cthulhu…

Anyway, who ever heard of Cthulhu with a rifle? It’d need to be a hell of a big rifle for a creature of over 100 ft in height to use.

Or maybe I’m just being bitter. It’s off to the card folders to come up with something new…

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