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Mythos Chronicles – The Haunting

Myself, Guy Incognito and the Charming Manipulator had the first of (hopefully) many enjoyable Call of Cthulhu adventures last Thursday night.

(Quick back-story.  For ages now we have been thinking of getting into gaming of some form.  The previous week, by common consensus, we decided that horror role-playing in the 1920’s should be given a fair chance.  I was particularly happy about this as there are loads of Cthulhu sourcebooks on my shelves, unused and annoying Ruth with their dust gathering ways.)

The first adventure was one from the back of the main rule book, The Haunting.  It’s pretty straightforward, which was ideal as none of us had done any role-playing for years.

GI played a Freelance Journalist called Logan Fletcher and CM was an Occult Investigator called Montague Summers.

The story, for those of you who don’t know, is of a house that causes madness and/or death to its inhabitants.  The landlord is understandably upset.  After the most recent family suffered at the hands of this unknown evil, our fine detective duo were called upon to put a stop to it.

It was a slow start, with the guys getting used to the way the game is played (”no, DON’T go straight to the house!  Investigate!”) and myself taking a while longer than I expected to get reacquainted with the rules.

Once we got in to the swing of things there were people to meet, places to go and mysteries to solve.  And the first visit to the haunted house merits special attention here…

Once our intrepid twosome were satisfied that they had a good angle on what was going on, they made for the house.  The ground floor was musty, dark and gave nothing away, the basement was checked once and a false wall was discovered and a visit to the first floor didn’t go well for Mr Fletcher.  The first bedroom from the top of the stairs once belonged to the bad guy and had been unused for a while.  And the bed from that room flew for GI’s character, knocking him though the closed window to the ground on floor down.  Heh.

A quick journey the the local hospital and they were both back the next day, this time to investigate the false wall in the basement.  Once though the false wall, beyond the rats and the second false wall they encountered and defeated the bad guy.  And there was much rejoicing…

It went well for the first adventure in many years.  We didn’t play last night as I’m still working out an adventure of my own.  Haven’t had the time recently to dedicate to it so a postponement is always better than a half-finished adventure.

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