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All about Osiris

While on holiday I decided (and with much encouragement from my wife) to try something new in the writing stakes. After all, it was a holiday and time to unwind and relax. And something new would be good for me, we thought, as I could write something that wasn’t encumbered by previous notes and story attempts.

So I came up with the bare bones of the Osiris Rising story.

It’s a Samuel Mandrake tale, a younger version of the old guy from The Bandstand excerpt I’ve already posted. The story is first person, which took some getting used to. I spent a while finding Sam’s voice and the first few pages don’t seem to match the tone of the rest as a result.

Oh well, that’s what editing is for.

Also, I’m doing this off the computer. Having started it on holiday, far away from daily and convenient computer access, I had to fall back on the old faithful of pen and paper. Good thing about doing it this way is that I don’t get caught in the trap of getting a few thousand words into it and grinding to a halt spending all my time ceaselessly revising it..

It’s about setting an old wrong to right. And about forgiving yourself.

And it may be full of creeping evil. I haven’t got that far, so if when it’s finished and there’s not a great deal of creeping evil to be found, I’m warning you here and now that this all might change.

I really can’t be held responsible for what is said long before the damn thing gets finished. :)

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