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Who needs to be published anyway?

Been thinking about this one today as I was frantically scribbling some notes down while on the bus home from work.

I’m not meaning ‘who really needs to be published anyway?’ as an open question, just a personal one. I always had the idea fixed in my mind that it was somehow extremely important that I finish something and get it published.

Excellent Idea, but why? What’s the big deal about that?

Well, now there is no big deal. I have no real interest in getting my work published. That’s not to say that that may never happen but, really, why has it become such a big deal?

Not any more it’s not. I’m having more fun coming up with the concepts, characters, locations, technology and all the other stuff that pops out when I let my imagination run riot that thinking of the long term and “published” is just a distraction.

After all, I’m doing this for personal gratification, not for a quick buck.

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