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Countdown to NaNoWriMo: 1 day to go

I’ve been a bit cagey about this years WriMo.

I’ve not really spent any time thinking about it and my intention was to give it a miss this year.  With everything that’s gone on recently and with loads of guff happening at work I really couldn’t be bothered.

But, despite myself, I sat down one evening last week and had a think about what I might like to write about.  You know, ‘IF I did NaNoWriMo this year, what WOULD I write about?’ kind of thing.

I poured over previous material, over everything I’ve started, abandoned and (occasionally) finished, over my scribbled notes and barely legible ideas and was largely uninspired by all of it.

Then I remembered something else.  The Fractured Land.

This was an idea, with a suitably cheesy name, that popped into my head when Edgy, Enzo and I had started to get some Call of Cthulhu gaming up and running.
I was thinking at the time they would prefer something with a bit more action than Cthulhu and with a Science-Fantasy feel alongside the dark and brooding horror I was introducing them to.

So I came up with a few ideas and used ‘The Fractured Land’ as a catch-all term until something better came along.

But, as with many things, it was shelved until I had the time, or the motivation, to actually do something with it.

So, I thought about the concept as it stood then and tried to work out some way to tell the story that the game was meant to be.

That proved to be a disaster as the scale of the thing was starting to get silly, and I was starting to feel like I was drowning in it.

However, the next day a seed of the story just fell into place and then another, and another, and another…

I reckon it might work.  I haven’t planned too much of the story out and I have a vague (a very vague!) idea where it’s meant to go.

I’ll not share it here and now as it’s not a full formed idea yet and I’m not wanting to analyse it beforehand.  (In case it doesn’t really happen.)

All I know is that come tomorrow morning I’ll have to start writing something…

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