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Review – My Little Eye

Had the misfortune to watch My Little Eye recently.

Flat and lifeless, and completely lacking in tension.

Here’s a quick story round-up.

There are five contestants living in an old house in the middle of nowhere for six months for some reality-internet show. And there a big prize if they all stay there for the full time.

And very close to the last days, everything starts going wrong.

Maybe I wasn’t paying much attention or maybe I just didn’t care about five main characters who don’t seem to have any personality or anything interesting to say, but it really was 92 minutes that I will never have in my life again.

In actual fact, while there’s very little positive comment I can say about the film there’s also very little negative I can say as well. Apart from the characters who it’s impossible to care about.

And the lack of tension.

I did like the concept. But it did leave me unmoved.

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