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yWriter on Linux

Ages ago I had installed yWriter on a previous Windows XP session and used it intermittently.  Since my last reinstall of XP I never got around to installing it again.

In the last week I had it in my mind to give the software another go, but not on Windoze as I’m weaning myself off it as much as possible for life under Ubuntu.

So, while checking out the yWriter site I learned that while the software had advanced by two versions some guy had successfully had got it working under Wine, the Linux Windows-esque environment.

Thinking that this is a good thing I download Windows installer and the software to allow it to run on a pen drive, follow the instructions, install both in Wine and everything runs just fine.

Now, my recollection is that yWriter isn’t the best software in the world but it’s free and it fits all my requirements quite nicely.  I’m interested to see what version 4 brings.

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