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NaNoWriMo ‘07: Oh yeah, that thing I tried in November…

Mixed success.

Just over 13,000 words. A far cry from 50,000 but it was fun trying.

Again, real life got in the way, even during the week I took off for it.  Never mind.   It was the best fun I’ve had writing in ages.

One thing I took from this year’s attempt was that I really need to dedicate “proper” time to my writing and by “proper” time I mean dedicating working time, that is treating it like a second job, to my writing. Especially if I want to ever think about doing it for a living.

The problem with that is, with two part time jobs and all the stuff I’ve dedicated time to in the evenings, I don’t really have the working time to spare.

Oh, hold on… I’ve just quit the job with the after-school care. Looks like I might have the time after all…

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