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Crazy plans for the new year

As I mentioned previously, I no longer do any work with an after-school care. This frees up under half my week. Work-wise, I only have one part time job and that’s the one with the Church. And that’s only 21 hours a week.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, there was a particular reason why I left the after-school group. A particular reason other than it being crap. That’s a whole other reason, and not one that’s good enough for giving up a paying job. ;)

No, the reason why I’ve cut my hours down is so that I can dedicate working hours to writing and other creative pursuits. And I reckon that the only way for me to get the time and focus my enthusiasm to getting a substantial amount of work done is by treating it like a job.

I’m not expecting wonders here (and maybe I should) but Ruth and I have discussed this at length and we’re both of the opinion that I have to try and make it happen and stop just talking about it.

It’s a bold move, and one that cuts down our income for a good while. But we can survive on an income and a half for the time being. And I’ll get more time to produce work as long as I’m actually producing something.

Initially this crazy plan is for the rest of the month of January and at the end of the month we will see if it’s worth continuing with.

The project is “The Desert Of Zin”, the story that prompted the name of this website. There’s an existing prologue and old notes for the rest of a story that I’ve been working over for the past few weeks. I’ve put in a lot of the groundwork to make the proposed story as strong as possible and I’m confident that come Tuesday morning, the first “official” day of the new writing regime, I’ll be hitting the ground running.

My “working” days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’ll be posting an update where possible.  And to cut down on the distractions, which are an ever-present problem at home, I’ll be working in the local library.

Hopefully that should do it.  :)

There are some other creative objects on the horizon but I’m wanting to get this under my belt before entertaining anything else.

I’ll share these other ideas at a later date.

Take it easy,


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