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Desert of Zin: still working away

Although sometimes it feels like I’m battering the words into place.

It has been a slow month so far, with little actual time for writing.  So many thing have been going on, with the IT drop-ins taking up more time than I would have liked but bringing extra cash in.  I suppose that’s the double-edged sword.  I need time set aside for writing, but some of that time has to be sacrificed to earn money to be able to spend the rest of my time writing.

So that leaves one full day for the story.  That’s no good.  It seems to take ages to warm the old noggin up enough to start producing something, but when it starts it’s fine.  My most productive periods are middle of the afternoon to late in the evening.  But when there’s only one free day to do this, it gets more of a struggle to keep the pace up.

I have to try and see this as more of an endurance race.  To keep a steady pace rather than relying on the bursts of speed to get me to the end.

Still, there are more words in the story today than there were yesterday so that can’t be too bad.

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