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Russell T Davies steps down from Doctor Who

Yep, Russell T Davies, executive producer of Doctor Who, is stepping down. But not until after the proposed two hour specials planned for next year instead of a full season.

And will David Tennant go at the same time? I would think so. Actually I’d expect him to go at the end of this season but it makes more sense his leaving with Davies. That gives the new guy a fresh start.

And who is this new guy? Why none other than Steven Moffat, writer of Press Gang, Jekyll, Coupling and several really good Doctor Who stories. I’m hoping he’ll bring a fresh feel to the series.

Not that it needs it, but it would be good for the series to be a bit, well, tougher. Sometimes it feels like the current stuff although good, doesn’t really go anywhere particularly quickly, or it is just me?

Anyway, interesting times with Davies and Tennant going with Moffat and a potential new Doctor on the horizon.

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