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Senser – Live at Barfly (31st May 2008)


Saturday night saw myself, Edgy and Skiv attending Barfly, easily the crappiest venue in Glasgow, to watch the Rapcore wonders called Senser.


To put this in perspective, Edgy and I were into Senser back in ‘93/94 on the back of the Eject single and the album Stacked Up.  But I had never seen them live.

So comes the chance when the Edgemeister and I see that they’ve reformed and are playing in Glasgow!

It was a good night, with the band on after a few support acts who were mostly forgettable.

And while they played a fair selection of stuff I didn’t recognise, they DID play Eject, Age of Panic, Switch and No Comply which justified the price of the ticket alone.

Ah, to be easily pleased.

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