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Working on the Roadmap

One of the biggest challenges I have, other then actually producing content, is the holding together off all the ideas and story threads that pop into my head on a regular basis.

So tonight I’ve been doing something that has been needing done for weeks/months. I’m rewriting my Desert of Zin roadmap.

The roadmap was the loose collection of ideas that led to the initial thoughts of actually writing the book in the first place and as I’ve progressed I’ve singularly failed in keeping the original notes up to date. And as the work has moved on I’m referring to notes that don’t accurately match the path the story is now taking.

Which isn’t very handy.

So, as I’ve said, I have been rewriting the notes, keeping in mind that the document has to be a bit more organic (that is, it has to be able to grow as the novel does) and actually reflect where I’m going.

The main benefit of having some quality time with my imagination is that my new written notes now resemble something more coherent than the original notes.

Which is very handy. :)

And reworking my notes gives the added benefit of really firing up my passion for the project again.

So far, in the new and improved notes, the lads are off to the Carnival. Which I’m sure will not end well… ;)

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