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Spock’s Beard and Frost – Live at The Arches (6th July 2008)

Wow.  Last night was a whole bag of Prog-related madness.

First of we had Frost*.

They don’t do anything you haven’t heard in prog before.  But.  They do it very well.

I hadn’t heard them much before last night, just a few tracks played at Neil’s the night before, and they played a blinder.  I advise everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, to give them a try.  Tracks are available on their myspace page and there’s some tomfoolery on youtube.

And then came Spock’s Beard.  And they rocked the place down.

My gig experience is very much like this: rarely is the support band any good, and if they are then the main band often aren’t.  That’s not a general rule,  but it’s the way I’ve experienced it.

This was different.  The Beard rocked.  They played a lot of recent songs that I wasn’t to up on but they did a fantastic job.

So, there you go.

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