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I’ve been a bit on the depressed side recently and it’s had an effect on my writing. Work on Desert of Zin and Fracture has been mirroring my mood and it’s not happy reading.

Nevertheless I’ll keep it the way it is and only have a poke at it during the editing process, which is still a far way off.

While I give the main writing a week off, to recharge and regroup, I’ve a sub-project I’ll tinker with to keep in with the writing.

I’ve always loved working out back-story and fleshing out the single details that can lead somewhere else. Part of the reason why actual progress can be so slow… ;)

So this week I’ll be working out some fragments, some “little people” ideas, the stories that feed into and out of the greater novels.

These are the fragments.

And the beauty of these smaller tales are that they’ll be finished faster and it’ll give me something to stick on the site as a warm up until I finish the novel.

Or that’s the plan… :)

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