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Where does all the time go?

In the very near future I have a new college course to be thinking of.  I’ve enrolled for a NC Health and Social Care course running part time at the local community centre.

Does this fill up my working week?  Yep.

Does this dig into my writing time?  Yep.

Am I overly concerned about this?  Nope.

Why?  Because output is up and only really in the evenings.  So a course stealing the rest of my weekday daylight hours won’t be a problem.

And there are plenty of projects on the go and lots to write.

I got some feedback recently that was mostly positive and that’s helped gee me up with the creativity.  It was positive in that it was constructive and constructive feedback is always preferred.  The other reason for my positive attitude is my playing Lovely Day by Bill Withers whenever i’m feeling it get on top of me.  Quality stuff there.

So currently on the go I have:

  • Desert of Zin, Book 0: Seth Kahn Is Dead – A prologue of sorts,
  • Desert of Zin, Book 1 – The current “main” work-in-progress,
  • The Fracture:  – A science-fantasy with a light “pulp” feel,
  • The Fracture: Fragments – A selection of short stories and scenes in the Fracture universe,
  • Osiris Rising – A short story (unless I get carried away with it) set somewhere in the DoZ universe.

Oh, and for this year’s NaNoWriMo,

  • Desert of Zin, Book 2: Mitchell Rictor and the Planet of the Snakes – A pulp sci-fi.

Hold on, Desert of Zin Book 2?

Come on, Al.  You haven’t even finished book 1.  Let’s not get too carried away here.

Actually, yeah let’s get carried away.  Why not.


Anyway, time for bed.  I’m hoping for time to get some more words down in the morning.

Especially with the work in going to have to put in soon for The Mighty Hand, but more on that some other time…

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