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All new fun

Hiya, it’s been a while…

Sine the last post, way back on the 6th of March, I bounced abound saying how great it was that I passed the 50k mark with Desert Of Zin.


The problem is that shortly after I hit the mother of all walls and eventually felt that I’d like nothing more than to let the characters die.

That’s not good if you’re already written the sequel and you’re relatively sure that some of them are in it and alive…

So I took some time away from writing, didn’t check the blog, didn’t go to the writing group and generally retreated back into my shell for a while.  And somewhere along the way it seems to have done the trick.

Now, I’m not working on DoZ again, and won’t be for a wee while.  An extended break is definitely needed from that.  But last week I found myself writing some stuff that’s set after an idea I had AGES ago.

Something called The Bandstand.

It was a story I started a few years ago and, after the first scene, edited it until I didn’t care about the rest of the story.  Looks like I’m starting to care again.

I finished the first chapter (with the original scene) last night and Ruth gave it an edit.

Tonight I’ve made a handful of changes and after a quick second pass tomorrow I’ll be looking at releasing it by the end of the weekend.

(The good thing is that I’ve got the second chapter under way and with any luck it’ll be finished for edit in good time.)

The reason I’m so hyped about this is simple.  For a good few years now I’ve bored anyone that’ll sit still long enough about how I write stories and I want to be an author and on and on…  It’s about time I actually stop talking about it and release some bloomin’ content.

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