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Battlestar Galactica, S01 E05 – You Can’t Go Home Again


And they think Starbuck is alive, and by “they” I mean Adama and by “alive” i mean alive…  yeah, okay.

Head Six is seriously messing with Baltar and for good reason.  Exactly when will the Cylons return when they realise one of their patrols is missing?  Personally I’d leave Starbuck to her fate.  She’s a mouthy pain in the ass at the best of times.

And back on Caprica?  Helo and Caprica Boomer are holding tight.  Ah, lovely, lovely Helo.


But Cylons abound and one finds its way into the café where Helo is making breakfast.  Heh, a toaster alerted by a toaster.

Highlights?  Adama.  Actually anything with Adama wins for me.

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