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Battlestar Galactica, S01 E06 – Litmus

Spoilers?  (I mean, who hasn’t already seen Battlestar Galactica, I ask you.)

Ooh, Cally is encouraging the Chief / Galactica Boomer canoodling.  That can’t end well.

And are Cylons on board the Galactica?  Yep, It’s a Doral (Number Five) and he’s just blown himself up!  Messy boy.  Caused three dead and thirteen injured.

They get the Master At Arms involved and tell her about the humanoid Cylons.  And she gets her independent tribunal / investigation.  Will this end well?  Let’s hope not.

But questions are asked and fingers get pointed at the Chief.

Meanwhile President Roslin holds court with the reporters in the fleet about the humanoid Cylons.

And on Caprica?  Caprica Six, a Doral and a Caprica Boomer are watching Helo closely.

Highlights?  When the kangaroo court goes badly wrong and Adama smacks the Master At Arms down.  Quality.

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