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Battlestar Galactica, S01 E07 – Six Degrees Of Separation

Spoiler frenzy!

Oh, ho, ho!  It’s all catching up with Gaius Baltar.

Shelly Godfrey ( a Number Six) arrives on the Galactica with damning evidence against Baltar.

Kara is back on her feet, kind of, and as grouchy as ever.

And as Baltar begs for help, President Roslin passes out and Doc Cottle runs to her rescue.  Her cancer is running out of control.  And then Baltar is brown-nosing Gaeta to get access to the evidence.  Bad Gaius, bad!

And back on Caprica.  Poor old Helo.  I’d love for that guy to get a break.  Right now he’s dragging Caprica Boomer around unaware that she’s a toaster.

Highlights?  “No more mister nice Gaius.”  hohoho!

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