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Angels and Robots

How can you go wrong with a blog title like that…  ;)   To be honest the only thing better would be a story with the same name.

I’ve had a few false starts with this but it’s the one I keep coming back to at the moment.  Then on the train to work a few days back it all just fell into place.  Don’t you just love it when that happens? The problem with it always was to represent both the robot and the angel from the title in a way that 1. doesn’t suck and 2. doesn’t suck.

I think I might have worked it out. I’m hopeful…

But there’s not much to the story.  It’s all set up.  But it makes me happy, and that’s the main thing.  Again, the story was given to me by Aurora one night.  She was heading off to bed in a period where she was saying an angel was on top of the building where we live, looking after her.  One of those evenings she hits me with the news that the angel was in her room.  And there was a robot there as well.

The story is about what happened after I left the room that evening.  Always with the inspiration that girl.  You gotta love her.  :)

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