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Life is a Long Song

Yesterday I broke a personal rule when I editing a story yesterday. If something doesn’t work, let it go.

The “something” in this case was a short story I went back to after a long interval away. It was a ghost story, something I wrote a year or so ago, and one that was on the list of stories to finish. I’m aiming to clear the decks of existing unfinished work as much as I’m able. This morning I realised the ghost story isn’t a keeper.

That’s not strictly accurate. I’ll explain.

The ghost story required an almost complete rewrite. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to make it into anything that might work. Nope. It was going nowhere. Last night I started editing something else, a much better story that has a lot more potential.

This morning, while I showered, I figured out the future of the ghost story. (I do all my best day-dreaming plotting in the shower.) You see, I was holding on to it too tightly and I wasn’t wanting to admit that the story didn’t have a point. It was barely 2000 words long, the characters were one dimensional and NOTHING HAPPENED. But, while showering, I realised not just that but what I could do with it. It works, kinda, at the end of a future novel.

So, while I say it’s not a keeper, it’s not on the to do list any longer. I’ll squirrel it away in my future plans folder, out of mind and out of sight until it can find a home.

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