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Currently Reading… Big Bad Bill on the Naughty Step

This is one of Aurora’s story books. We occasionally refresh what she has for bedtimes at Partick Library and this is one of the new batch.

Now, I tend to get a bit twitchy with some of Aurora’s bedtime books. Some are arguably better than others and as the one reading the damn things there are certain preferences I have. I do tend to favour the quirkier tales.

The Tiger That Came To Tea is an easy example. The art is simple and gorgeous and is an utter joy to read. One Snowy Night is the same. I’m sure bonus points are awarded for using different accents for each animal. Well, you’ve got to.

Big Bad Bill On The Naughty Step by Mark Sperring and Tom McLaughlin is of the same standard. The threat of the naughty step, after all, is one we all must acknowledge as being quite, quite real… ;) Other than the main character of the young boy Sam, we have a pirate AND a cowboy AND Santa Claus. I mean, really, it can’t get much better than that. Unless there was a ninja. And an astronaut.

And a wizard. That had a giant robot. In a spaceship.

Take note. Everything is improved by wizards, giant robots and spaceships…

Other than that minor quibble, it’s an excellent example of a children’s book.

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