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So, I’m off this week…

With Christmas and Aurora’s birthday within days of each other it’s a damn fool idea to worry about what shifts I can scrounge from my current employer. As much as they’re a decent bunch, care work only has so much appeal. Less so when I’ve been working elsewhere for the lest two weeks and have quite gotten used to the golden fleece that is full time work, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Ah, yes. You don’t really appreciate it until you’ve been working back shifts in Kirkintilloch with an hour and a half travel home, returning shortly before midnight. And you wonder why few people want to do those shifts, eh?

So what? I hear you cry, the echo resonating across time and space…

So, while finances are tight, with money always being an issue, especially in these times of austerity, I really can’t find myself overly worried about leaving my availability open while there are other things to do.

But it’s not all Christmas and my daughter turning four. Oh, no. I think to myself, “Hmm, there’s a story needing edited, others needing finished, and I actually have some time to write!”

Steady on Bain, you handsome fool you. How can writing be achieved when you’ve just reinstalled Guild Wars? Rookie mistake, sir. Rookie Mistake!

In reality, there are always stories needing editing or finished. Like that’s ever going to change. Heh.

I do have something on the go, that’s needing done by the end of the week.  Remember the ghost story I might have mentioned before? Well, it stopped being a ghost story. And, realising that Crossed Genres magazine are looking for stories with the theme of Runaways, I’m editing it *again* in order for it to fit. Fortunately it’s a very light edit. Which is handy as I’m getting sick of the story and I’m gagging to get a move on to something else.

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