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Crossed Genres Magazine

While I remember, having mentioned it in yesterday’s post, there’s a monthly periodical called Crossed Genres. It’s in a DRM-free electronic format and a subscription – electronic only – is $15. You get three stories a month, all in that month’s theme.

While the three stories are published month by month on their own website, you do also get two compilations per year. And I do prefer reading fiction away from my computer screen. I tend to be too distracted to give it my full attention, so the portable electronic editions are worth it.

Also, and this is important, they pay their authors. So a bit of investment in that kind of genre periodical is something I can’t let pass. I’ve read the last two issues and the quality is pretty high.

If you like your genre fiction give it a try. Even in our current cash strapped times we can shill out what equates to less then a tenner for a 18 short stories over the course of a year?

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