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I Like Pancakes

Pancakes and robots to be fair. But not on the same plate as that’s just weird.

Pancakes and jam are what I’m shovelling into my oversized gullet, while browsing Battletech on the interwebs. Now this is just about the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Shortly this sense of peace will be threatened by having a family film time foisted upon me. (It’s not that bad. Muppets Most Wanted is the film of choice and it’ll keep my darling daughter happy for the rest of the afternoon ’til bedtime. I can always browse giant robots behind their back…)

Battletech is a old favourite of mine. Catalyst Game Labs, the company of ex-FASA employees who are keeping the mechwarrior dreams alive, released a new edition of the boxed starter game. I have to admit that I’ve been eyeing it eagerly and, once my new job starts and the house move has settled, I’ll be spending time and finances on a box of my own. I had an old version of the starter game, with cardboard mech counters rather than actual plastic miniatures, and it was my favourite game ever. Ever.

Of course, Games Workshop are a week away from releasing their range of Imperial Robots and they have a new Imperial Knight Titan heading for Hobby Store shelves.

First thing first. Battletech. I’ll aim to get a copy by the end of the month. Then the unboxing and a few test games. And it doesn’t hurt that I already have a copy of Total Warfare (the core rules) and the TechManual (the core construction rules), so by the time it arrives I should have already re-immersed myself in the rules. 🙂

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