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The Eternal Champion : Lemmy

I was going to harp on about getting a new hi-fi. Ruth picked it up yesterday after a weekend of careful deliberation. It’s a Sandstrom something or other. I checked it when I got in and both Yes and Frost* have never sounded so good.

This is my first proper hi-fi since I was a teenager. Back then I had this big cheap – looking plastic brick. Can’t remember the make. But it was wonderful for a boy exploring music for the first time. From rock to metal on vinyl, cd and tape my music collection grew quickly week by week.

And one of the bands I grew to love was Motörhead.

Overkill, Bomber, Orgasmatron, 1916, March ör Die, Bastards, Sacrifice, Overnight Sensation, Nö Sleep At All and the ’92 Tour EP. All enjoyed. Very much indeed.

Lemmy was one of those guys who I used to think was going to live forever. I don’t know why. He just had an eternal vibe about him. I always thought at the end of time it would just be him and God having a last drink.

So tonight, I’m going to have a beer and listen to Motörhead the only way that works. Loud.

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