Desert Of Zin

The occasional blog of Alistair Bain – Writer, Husband, Father and Chief Techno-Arcanologist at the Institute of Giant Robots, Spaceships and Wizards. None of these positions pay well.


This used to be a blog. Now it’s not. I’m not too sure what’s going on with it (which is worrying as I’m the idiot who’s putting it together) but my frantic scribblings will find their way here over time. Also, I have a few ebooks that are in production.

I tend towards SF and Horror, with a hint of Fantasy, but not all at once. That way madness lies, after all. My Mother, bless her, has ideas that I’ll write Crime or Erotica and follow the lure of cold, hard cash. For the record I did once try crime writing. Then a wizard turned up. What can you do, eh?

I do have a blog which I rarely update. City In The Sky, if you really need to know.