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The occasional blog of Alistair Bain – Writer, Husband, Father and Chief Techno-Arcanologist at the Institute of Giant Robots, Spaceships and Wizards. None of these positions pay well.

Happiness is…

Peace and quiet, despite being on a 8am to 8pm shift, and Sailor On the Seas Of Fate by Michael Moorcock.


And a couple of notebooks for scribbling my ill advised attempts and fiction. And a kindle. And my bottle of water.

Happiness. Without being anywhere other than work, I reckon things could be worse.

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Another handy thing…

…about Draft is the ability to export a project to your Kindle.

I did this just before leaving for work with the existing portion of The Spires At Midnight, so I could give it the once-over on the way to and from my shift, and it really is incredibly handy.

And I realised something else. Spires At Midnight isn’t all that bad. Needs a good bit of tidying up but there’s potential. Just needs that new ending. I might have mentioned that before.  :)

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