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New role-playing fun

I want to Static yesterday afternoon to pick up a few boosters for Call of Cthulhu and picked up a new RPG for the games I’m intending to run.

The final decision was between A/State, Children Of The Sun and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Preferably I would have went for A/State but it wasn’t in and Warhammer was my third choice, so CotS won through.

Last night I had a flick through the book and it seems different enough to give the players a more unique experience than they may be used to. It also helps that no-one else is familiar with the game or setting so we’re all starting on the same level.

A/State and WFR will be picked up at some point but I’m wanting to see how successful the first game or two of Children is before subjecting the group to anything else.

With any luck in the next few week I should have the start of a new gaming group.

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So many games, so little time

Recently I’ve had it in mind to dust off some old role-playing books and gather some like minded citizens to have a few games of whatever to help while away an evening.

Booze and snacks would help as well. 🙂

So I’ve got some vague ideas regarding what to run:

  • Call of Cthulhu – A quality horror game in the “creeping evil” vein which can be set in the 1920’s or present day.
  • Mechwarrior – Set in the Battletech universe. The system is good but the character generation is over-complicated.
  • Delta Green – A Call of Cthulhu based setting in the present day. It involves U.S. Government conspiracies and Mythos-related investigations.
  • Elric – Based on the Elric stories by Michael Moorcock. Doom laden fantasy.
  • Children of the Sun – A dieselpunk game. Apparently bridging the gap between steampunk and cyberpunk. I don’t have this yet but I’m tempted to pick a copy up. Unfortunately the company producing this are no more so getting a copy might be difficult but I’m sure Static Games have a copy.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – Given the choice between AD&D and Warhammer, I’d pick Warhammer every time. It’s considerably darker than most fantasy games. A strong possibility.

I think I have enough potential players for two separate (and comfortably small) groups but if anyone wants a game then send your requests to the usual address. (Which I’ve just realised is no-longer on the site. Must fix that…)

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Aww bless…

I’m currently re-reading my Rifts RPG Collectors Edition book (what can I say? I like reading role-playing game source material) and a few sections at the beginning always cheers me up.

On the first page it says:

The fictional world of Rifts is quite violent and deadly. It is an exotic realm where magic is as real as technology, and demonic creatures plague mankind.
Some parents may find the violence and supernatural elements of the game inappropriate for young readers/players. We suggest parental discretion.
Note that none of us at Palladium Books condone nor encourage the occult, the practice of magic, the use of drugs or violence.

That’s nice.

There’s also a couple of lines a few pages later in the Glossary of Role-Playing Game Terms. The particular term is Death:

Players should take a character’s death calmly. Remember, it’s ONLY a game.

Aww, that’s nice of them to be looking out for my well-being like that. Bless.

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