Bloomin’ Microsoft…, part one

Evening Campers,

I’ve just finished setting up my daughter’s child account on her new Christmas laptop.

Windows 10. And a Microsoft Account. Since moving back to Windows from Ubuntu, I’m aware of just how user unfriendly Microsoft products are. Jumping through hoops, things not syncing, settings not updating properly. It’s all very frustrating.

The temptation, which is very real, is to install Ubuntu on my current laptop. I’m holding back, because having access to a Windows machine is hand, and it annoys me that I have to say that. There’s always the Dual Boot option but that’s just an annoyance.

Maybe in 2013, once the laptop is a few years old, I might build a new desktop computer. The laptop is handy, but it’s not all that.

On the other hand perhaps Win 11 is the next great hope?!?!?!?