Chess? Oh, Go On Then

This evening I’ve been learning to play chess.

I’ve played before with Ruth but what happened is that she taught me to play, I beat her twice and we haven’t played since. Now, I’m not saying that as a boast. I prefer playing tactical games more than she does.


That was years ago and, while I can still remember the moves that each piece makes, the finer methods of play are beyond my experience.

What happened was, I was talking to some rando online when they challenged me to a game of chess. I created my account on and was roundly beaten three times. Since then I’ve been reading up on the finer points of the game.

Strategy and the like. I can’t say I’m any better now, because how much can one man improve in 4 hours but I don’t think I’m quite so sucky at it.

Time will tell, I’m sure.

Tomorrow I’ll try against a computer opponent before I feel confident enough for playing against a fleshy one.