Giving Prometheus a Second Try

When I first saw Prometheus I was massively annoyed by it. Just lots of small nitpicking issues. (Of course, I realise this now. Ha!)

The finger in the drink from David to Charlie is the big one that everyone who has a problem with the film seems to have. But last night, watching it for the second time, I was a lot more forgiving. Charlie is drunk and bitter in the scene. His Engineer gods are nothing of the sort, and he’s drunk and taking it out on David. So David passes him a drink with his finger in it for just a bit longer than being sneaky or an accident.

See this here though, Charlie doesn’t like David, and the android is being as confrontational as perhaps his programming allows. In his manner, at least. So, a finger in his booze is much of a middle finger to Charlie.

It seems to make sense on a second viewing.

At the time of seeing the film in the cinema I remember having other issues but none were evident watching it last night. I really enjoyed it. Well acted, with a good cast. The visuals were incredible. And the story is solid.

There is one thing. The xenomorph reveal at the end. I don’t know it that was a late addition to the film because it looks goofy and I think you’d have a better effect with the Engineer on the ground, convulsing, with his chest bursting open and a brief glimpse of a crazy looking chestburster, then the screen goes black.

Just an idea.

I’m on to Alien Covenant this evening, watching it for the first time. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it.

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