Seven Robots to Tame a Planet! – The ABC Warriors Miniatures Game!

What could possibly be so important to drag me back to this, my barely/rarely updated blog?

Why, only the unexpected release of The ABC Warriors Minatures Game.

Surely not, I hear you cry.

This beggars belief, I hear you shout!

Who the hell are the ABC Warriors?, I hear you mutter.

The ABC Warriors was a comic strip in 2000AD, the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, about a mysterious Colonel who gathered together seven robots, who could withstand Atomic, Bacterial and Chemical attacks, to go to Mars and save the planet.

In subsequent stories they joined Nemesis the Warlock in the far future to help stabilize the time tunnels, then returning to Mars to fight the Volgans, the original villians of the series.

Along with Nemesis, the ABC Warriors were my favourite strips in 2000AD, which already was crammed with quality content.

And Warlord Games have seen the light and turned their later war, against the Volgans, into a miniatures game.

Have a look at this:

Ooh, very nice indeed.

Previously they’ve made games for Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, two other popular 2000AD strips.

ABC Warriors – Warlord Games
Judge Dredd – Warlord Games
Strontium Dog – Warlord Games

movie magic : a possible new comic book movie that isn’t DC or Marvel?

I know. I don’t believe it either.

Duncan Jones, he of Warcraft, Source Code and, more importantly, Moon, has said he’s going to do a comic book movies next.

There are articles across the interwebs certain it’s not anything to do with the big two (DC or Marvel). A number of them mention publishers like Image or Dark Horse and the kind of properties they (the writers of said articles) have in mind.

But I’m hopeful a forthcoming movie will be based on a character from The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.


Other than Judge Dredd, there are loads, LOADS, of characters in 2000AD who could carry a really exciting film.

Rogue Trooper. A genetically engineered soldier, the last one of his kind, who searches for the General who betrayed his own.

Strontium Dog. A mutant bounty hunter business.

The A.B.C. Warriors. Seven warrior robots drawn together to go to Mars and fight for humanity.

Nemesis the Warlock. A demon shaped alien who fightes against the fascism of a distant future earth.

There are loads, loads more. I’d love for a Nemesis/A.B.C. Warriors movie. That kind of thing is probably unfilmable but, my god, it would incredible to watch.

Of course, I’d be equally as happy with a sequel to Karl Urban’s Dredd.